Who Are We?
ITU ROV Team that formed by students from different facilities in ITU (Areonautics and Astronautics, Naval Architecture and Ocean Menagement, Electrical – Electronics) has its signature on various successful projects. The team has formed under constitution of Facility of Naval Architecture and Ocean Menagement with advising of Asst. Assoc. Dr. Bilge TUTAK. ITU ROV Team known by it’s team spirit, interest and activity. ITU ROV Team consists of members that joins student comptetitions as Arı Teknoloji Geliştirme Kulübü (ARIGE). Some of the ITU ARIGE’s successes are world championship on Cansat Model Satellite Comptetition with ARISAT team, first three place on Vienna Robot Challange (2016). ITU ROV has members that joined Space-X Hyperloop Comptetition before and has Mars Rover members that will represent our university in USA this year. Also ITU ROV Team has planned one of it’s vehicles to join polar campaign of our universities ITU PolRec team for research under ice-fields on Antarctica.

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